The Dog’s Perspective is a unique, innovative dog training method based on the evolutionary biology of dogs. The “dog’s perspective” is the dog’s point of view, which really matters when training dogs, no matter what you do with your dog.  [Training Philosophy]

Kathryn R. Gubista, PhD (Dr. K) developed The Dog’s Perspective based on years of dog training experience combined with understanding the evolutionary biology of dogs and other canines. Our in-person client dogs love training with Dr. K and her faithful Muttley Crew. [Lucky Dog Training AVL] We film all our client dogs and use their training videos for our YouTube channel and online courses. [Online Courses]

Calypso Collar Covers [patent pending] are beautiful batik covers that fit perfectly over metal prong collars, turning an exceedingly ugly, barbaric-looking tool into an attractive, scrunchie collar. Along with concealing their hideous appearance, the collar covers protect the dog’s skin and fur from contact with metal prongs. Please visit our page for more details about training with covered prong collars. [Training Philosophy]

Order a beautiful batik collar cover for your beloved pup today. [Pre-Order Page] We provide instructions on how to measure [MEASURE] your dog and select [SELECT] the correct collar cover size.

Our free library of training tips is on Instagram [Instagram] and Facebook [Facebook]. Our online courses will help you learn how to train your dog from the comfort and convenience of your home. [Online Courses]