How to Measure …..

Calypso Collar Cover Sizing

Calypso Collar Covers are designed to fit perfectly over metal prong collars, creating a scrunchie collar appearance. Selecting the correct collar cover size requires: (1) the GAUGE of the dog’s prong collar, and (2) CIRCUMFERENCE of your dog’s lower neck. Rule of thumb is that Calypso Collars Covers are twice as long as the dog’s neck size. Please see below for detailed instructions.

How to Measure Dog’s Neck Size (Circumference):

  • Locate your dog’s shoulders [Figure 1]
    • AKA: scapulas; shoulder blades
  • Locate your dog’s sternum [Figure 2]
    • bony structure on upper chest
  • Measure (inches) lower neck circumference [Figure 3]
    • Start at the sternum
    • Measure just above the dog’s shoulders
    • Record measurement in INCHES
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