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Our colorful batik collar covers are designed to fit over metal prong training collars. The covers are customized for the thickness/gauge of the metal prongs. Our beautiful covers transform the incredibly hideous, scary-looking prong collar into an attractive training tool. Imagine receiving compliments for your dog’s collar, instead of scathing criticism for using a prong collar. 

Please Note: We strongly advocate the proper fitting and use of prong collars. We recommend placing prong collars LOW on the dog’s neck, representing the dog’s Play Bite area, closest to the dog’s shoulders. Please see the attached photos. While many professional trainers and organizations insist that prong collars be placed HIGH and tight on the dog’s neck (Kill Bite Area), we strongly advocate against this placement. To ensure playful, happy training experiences, we strongly recommend using prong collars in a playful dog way. To learn more about how to measure your dog’s neck, click here. 

To learn more about The Dog’s Perspective training philosophy, please click here.

Constructed of 100% Batik Cloth
– Beautiful colors, colors may vary
– Soft texture
– Easy to scrunch
– End labels prevents cover from slipping from collar

Proper Fitting of Collars & Collar Covers
– We advocate prong collars placed LOW on the neck (see photos)
– Just above the dog’s shoulders (PLAY Bite area)
– Do NOT place HIGH on the neck (KILL Bite area)
– Collar & Cover should slip over dogs head (most breeds)
– Collar should be movable/spin-able on the dog’s neck

Designed to completely cover metal prong collars
– Includes brands (Herm Sprenger, Titan, others brands)
– Current Collar Covers Sizes;
– 2.0 mm prongs
– 3.0 mm prongs
– Micro-prongs (for pint-sized pups)*
– Custom-sized*

*Please inquire about Calypso Collar Covers for micro & other size

Additional information

Prong Collar Size

2.0 mm, 3.0 mm

Neck Size

15 inches, 17 inches, 19 inches, 21 inches, 23 inches, 25 inches


Black, Blue, Dark Brown, Green, Light Brown, Purple, Red


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