Potty Training Course


Potty training is an essential skill young puppies need to learn so they can live indoors with you happily and mess-free. This course provides the information needed to successfully potty train your pup quickly and easily. And, you will learn how to teach your puppy some training basics.



Course is divided into 6 sections:
1 – Introduction
2 – Training Equipment
3 – Inside Strategies
4 – Outside Strategies
5 – Potty Training Summary
6 – Puppy Potty Demos

Your puppy will learn to:
1 – Potty outside
2 – Potty on command
3 – Ask to go potty
4 – Come after they go potty

You will learn:
1 – Potty training strategies
2 – How to use a variety of potty training gear
3 – Dog training basics

Course Details:
Video lessons (13 / # minutes film time)
Duration: Unlimited


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