Puppy Survival Guide


Do you have a new puppy or will be getting one in the near future? Maybe a COVID companion? Perhaps you want to raise your puppy to be the very best, but you have no idea where to start. Do you want to train your pup on your own, but just need to know what is required? If so, we have the perfect solution for your dog training needs.



Puppy Survival Guide
Our newest online course is the Puppy Survival Guide. We created this 14-day puppy journal to highlight all the training skills Wonder Weeks puppies need to master before they reach 4-months-old. The puppy skills highlighted cover four main training areas: house-training, manners, socialization and foundation obedience.

House Training
Potty training and crate training comprise puppy house training skills. This section details all the equipment and strategies needed to successfully house train your new puppy. Along with teaching your pup to potty outside, your puppy will learn to “potty on command”, which will simplify busy your life. Teaching a puppy to COME in the process of potty training is an awesome way for your pup to learn this important, potentially life-saving skill. Crating training your pup will reduce the chances of future anxiety issues.

Puppy Manners
The course reviews all the manners your puppy needs to master. Puppies learn to not jump on people and things. We teach puppy calming techniques, which stops pups from whining, barking, licking, mouthing and biting. We emphasize the importance of handling techniques when puppies are young. In addition, we explain why petting and praise is the ideal reward system for dog training.

Foundation Obedience
When puppies are very young, focus skills and COME on recall are the foundation skills upon which all advanced obedience skills are based. If your pups learns to focus on your when asked (LOOK), mastery of this foundation skill will allow your pup to thrive. We teach puppies that “the safest place to be is next to me” so that they will COME to you regardless of any distractions. In addition, we review how to teach puppies to PLACE and SIT. Once puppies reach 6-months, they can move on to advanced obedience skills.

Dogs are social animals. Thus, puppy socialization is fundamental to a puppy’s health and well-being. The critical socialization period for puppies is 8-16 weeks, also known as a puppy’s Wonder Weeks. Not only should puppies socialize with humans and other dogs, this is the critical time to introduce your pup to cats, birds and any other animals important in your life. While we cannot provide socialization through an online course, we provide important ideas and techniques for puppy socialization.


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